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SSDI is currently looking for talented individuals interested in a career in EDP consulting.  Our environment requires personnel who are capable of taking charge of a task and seeing it through to completion without the need for supervision from others.   We are not an organization that pays people to be at their desk each day on a set time schedule in a suit and tie.  We do not expect people to put in overtime hours just to impress the boss.  Our personnel must be capable of managing their time so that project deadlines are met and our customers are completely satisfied with the results.  Since you will be our representative at the client site, your communications skills must also be top notch.  If you enjoy working in the type of environment described here, we want to hear from you.

Some of the skills we are interested in include:

    Windows NT 4.0 networking.

    Client/Server Applications Design.  Delphi and/or FoxPro experience a plus.

    Deployment of systems on the Internet including web site design and security.

    RDBMS setup and maintenance - SQL Server, Oracle, and/or Sybase a plus.

Within the last half of 1998, SSDI may also be expanding our office staff to include a help desk.  We would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience in phone support for software products and/or network troubleshooting.

Please forward/fax a copy of your resume to the address shown on our home page.


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