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Paul Kovac began his career in the late 1970's as a systems programmer for Zenith Data Systems.  Most of his time was spent writing device drivers in 8088 assembler.   From this position, Paul moved on to work for Automated Insurance Resource Systems.   While working at this position, Paul got his first exposure to Novell Networks.   He also continued to code in Assembler and Basic.

Paul's next career move was to become the MIS director for Heads and Threads, a fastener reseller located in Northbrook, Il.  Paul was responsible for upgrading this EDP shop from a large standalone mainframe assembler environment to an 18 site Novell WAN integrated with the mainframe.

In April of 1990, Paul made the decision to form his own consulting firm.  Snce that time, the company has continued to grow based solely upon word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.  Paul's experience has also grown to include TCP/IP networking and World Wide Web consulting.



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