AptLaw provides the user with the capability to globally search document tabs for keywords.  By using this feature, the user can perform such tasks as locating misfiled documents or finding all documents pertaining to a particular topic.  In order to use this feature, simply click on the spyglass icon from any of the filing cabinets.

folder1.gif (9519 bytes)

The system will display the document query in response to this action.

docsrch1.gif (4043 bytes)

For this particular search, we will scan the entire document database looking for any tabs with contain the word 'pleading'.  To do that, we fill in only the key field and press the SEARCH button.  The system then returns the following result set.

docsrch2.gif (5079 bytes)

After browsing this list, we decide that the second pleading document in file 98x001/1 is the folder we wanted, so we simply double click on that entry to transfer to the filing cabinet page which contains that document.

docsrch3.gif (6974 bytes)

The document may now be viewed/edited by dragging it over the closed eye and dropping it when the eye opens, or by double clicking the tab to transfer to the tab editing form.

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