All functions in Broker 2000 are easily accessible from the system toolbar shown below.

toolbar1.gif (1595 bytes)

This toolbar allows the user to switch between the different functions in the Broker 2000 system without losing information.  For example, a user may be in the middle of maintaining an event schedule when a call comes in requesting tickets.  By clicking on the sell tickets speed button, the user may process the entire order.  Once the order is finished, the user would click on the schedule maintenance icon and be returned to the exact spot in schedule maintenance where they stopped to take the order.

The following list describes the function of each speed button on the tolbar.

toolbar2.gif (986 bytes)    Display monthly event calendar.  Shows an icon and brief description for each event in a given month.

toolbar3.gif (961 bytes)    Allows user to take orders for tickets, maintain customer lists, and check order status and history info.

toolbar4.gif (966 bytes)    Allows user to add purchased and consignment tickets to inventory, maintain vendor list, and access history.

toolbar5.gif (975 bytes)    Event schedule maintenance.  Associate icons, bitmaps, seating charts, and dates with events.

toolbar6.gif (1016 bytes)    Maintain system tables such as employee lists, venues, seat locations, seating charts, etc.

toolbar7.gif (954 bytes)    Cost averaging.  Spread real cost of tickets for an event evenly across all tickets in inventory.

toolbar8.gif (941 bytes)    Query manager.  Search tickets, sales, and purchases by user defined search criteria.


Selling Tickets

Customer Requests

Purchasing Tickets

Event Calendar

Schedule Maintenance

Query Manager

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